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PIPEFIT is designed to be multifunctional, portable, durable, simple and of course - FUN.

Our Interactive and adaptable system allows you to engage in fun games and challenge anytime anywhere.  Our hope through this product is that you will enjoy time being active, smiling, and having fun with others. Our co-creators have a combined 20 years of teaching experience and actually founded the idea of PipeFit from that experience in the classroom. Our PE Pack is what you’ve been looking for. Our system is multifunctional, so you’re not limited to a unit of study. It fits whatever you’re teaching. With PipeFit you’re not learning a new curriculum, you’re taking whatever you want to do and having the perfect resource to plug in for any physical literacy concept, not to mention whenever and wherever you want. Use it in the gym, outside on a field, on the bus parking lot, even in a classroom or hallway, and with the color-coordinated system we’ve developed, set-up is so simple that even your students will be able to help.


Hear from our fans...

I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time.
— PE teacher
I am so impressed by the color coordinated system and how it all works together. My kids love helping me put games and challenges together.
— Classroom Teacher
Wow! I have never had equipment for my classroom this versatile. I can use it indoors and outdoors without any trouble at all!
— Classroom Teacher
There is nothing out there like PipeFit, I love it!
— PE Teacher
PipeFit can literally do anything. This is going to transform my PE classes and make the most of each lesson!
— PE teacher
I love that the PipeFit system comes with an instruction guide for building and creating all kinds of games and challenges. My kids can literally build everything and they have a blast doing it!
— PE Teacher
I am blown away at how easy this product is to use. And how my students can help set up and tear down with this easy to use system!
— PE Teacher
I think that all teachers should have a PIpeFit set. It meets every standard and engages the students on every level physically and cognitively.
— PE Teacher

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